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Project Details

Our team had the opportunity to work with a law firm to improve their social media strategy. After analyzing their current social media presence and their target audience, we recommended a plan that involved creating two posts per week and developing a content creation strategy that would help them to better engage with their followers.

To create a more engaging social media presence, we advised them to develop a content calendar that would include a variety of topics that would be of interest to their target audience. These topics included legal news and updates, case studies, educational content, and community events. We helped them to identify the types of content that would be most effective at engaging their target audience and creating a positive image for their brand.

We also provided them with advice on how to optimize their social media profiles. We recommended that they use high-quality graphics and images, optimize their bio to clearly communicate their services and expertise, and use keywords in their posts and profiles to improve their search engine rankings. We also advised them on the best times to post and how to use hashtags effectively.

Through our work with the law firm, we were able to help them to create a more effective social media strategy that helped them to better connect with their target audience. By creating two posts per week and developing a content creation strategy that was tailored to their target audience, they were able to increase engagement and build a stronger online presence. They were also able to improve their brand image by creating content that showcased their expertise and provided value to their followers. Ultimately, our work with the law firm helped them to improve their social media presence, which has had a positive impact on their business.

What we've done

  1. Advertisement Management;
  2. Website Development.

Ad placements were on point this ended up driving leads into our database

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